The lively city of Palma is one of best holiday destination for natural beauty lovers. Nightlife on beach and eye appealing beauty of the island stuns every eye and spell bounds the viewers. Scrumptious food and mouthwatering taste of paella makes it an ideal place for food lovers while the various entertainment opportunities are a big reason to visit the place again and again.

Apart from giving a delicious feast to my belly, I enjoyed cycling on the island and the fun walk on the promenade.

Pollution free and peaceful environment relaxes yourmind and fills your heart with contentment. You see people from different fields of life enjoying the mesmerising view the place.

Bellver Castle , Balearic Islands

On top of Bellver Castle with the city of Palma as the backdrop

Palma has the best tasting seafood I have ever tried and an outstanding natural beauty. Palma has given me an experience, which I am not going to forget. Next destination, Spain…….


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