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New Year Goals


I love the start of a new year as it brings new hopes, new perspective and new habits for me.

However the first thing i do before the new year is to reflect on achievement, lessons and failures over the post 12months.

I am a firm believer in writing what I want to achieve for the year, month, week and day. This keeps my mind clear and focus on what i want to achieve.

I set realistic goals and its ok if my goals are carried over from previous year 🙂



1. Write down 5 realistic goals you would like to achieve and prioritise them.

2. Have a system of tracking your progress for example a diary or apps.

3. Have a look at your goals in the morning and how you plan to achieve it or work toward it.

4. Buddy up with someone who is trying to achieve the same goal as you.

5. Enjoy the process and don’t beat yourself up if you are unable to achieve it.



1.Blog more.

2. Read more.

3. Exercise more.

4. Learn new skills.

5. Continue to develop my spiritual life.


What are your five realistic goals this years?


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4 responses to “New Year Goals”

  1. Akinnubi Abimbola says:

    First of, Love the photo. Its so alive.

    The goal thingy just got me so inspired
    It amazing !
    I now have mine mapped out too. Fingers croosed, all hope and faith in God.

  2. Graceyeffect says:

    Thanks Bimbo am glad you got inspired. Am sure you will achieve them.

  3. Janelle says:

    My goal this year is to lowo, lola and lalaafia.

  4. Graceyeffect says:

    I pray your heart desires come through 🙂

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